• Professor

    Namgung, Ihn Major : Mechanical Engineering

    +82-52-712-7314 inamgung@kings.ac.kr

Research ☞

3D Design and Virtual Reality Simulation of Nuclear Mechanical System
Advanced Physic Simulation of Nuclear Mechanical System
Application of 3D Printing to NPP Components

Professional Experience

Professor, KINGS (2012.3~current)
Former Dean of Academic Affairs (2019.4~2020.1)
Former Head of Dept. of NPP Eng.(2013.7~2015.2)
Member, Ulsan City 3D printing promotion and development committee (2021.2-current)
Member, Member Ulsan Information Industry Promotion Agency 3D Printing Forum (2019.12.18-current)
Member, Member Ulsan Technopark 3D printing center - management committee (2019.11.27-current)
Member, Saeul Regional Nuclear Safety Council (2013.11-2019.11)
Director, Research Center TUV Korea (2009.1-2011.8)
Director, Daejon Intelligent Robot Center (Taejeon Techno Park) (2003.1-2008.12)
Team Leader, KEPCO E&C (1997.1-2002.12) (due to government reorganization of KAERI)
Senior Researcher, KAERI (1990.6-1996.12) (senior researcher)


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Florida(1989.12)
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Ajou Univ.(1983.2)
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Ajou Univ.(1981.2)