• Professor/Advisor of Student Coundseling

    Chang Choong-koo Major : Electric Power System Design and Analysis

    +82-52-712-7303 ckchang@kings.ac.kr

Research ☞

- Chang Choong-koo(2001-07), Multi-Agent System having Adaptive Overcurrent Protection Function for Power Distribution System, The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers
- Choong-koo Chang(2015-03-01), Improving Motor Protection Using Thermal Model,The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers Vol. 62, No. 2.
- Choong-koo Chang and Mummuni Sulley(2018-11-01), Sizing of  Lithium-ion Stationary Battery Capacity and Dimension for Nuclear Power Plants, Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
- Choong-koo Chang(2018-09-01), Mitigation of High Energy Arcing Faults(HEAF) in the Medium Voltage SWGR of Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Professional Experience

Dean of Academic Affairs, KINGS (2016.10.4~2018.5.4)
Head of NPP Engineering Department, KINGS (2016.1~6.30 & 2017.11.2~2018.5.4)
Executive Managing Director, Sangjin Engineering Co., Ltd. (2001.2~2013.2) 
Manager (Senior II), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Samsung SDS (1993.2~1998.9)
Senior Manager, Korea Power Engineering Company Co., Ltd. (1985.3~1993.2)


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Myongji University (2001.8) 
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Inha University (1990.8)
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Inha University (1985.2)