• Professor/Dean of Academic Affairs

    Hah Chang Joo Nuclear Reactor Core Physics and Design

    +82-52-712-7335 changhah@kings.ac.kr

Research ☞

SMR Nuclear Core Design
Advanced PWR Nuclear Core Design
Load-Follow Operation Analysis
Radiation Source Terms Analysis to Characterize the Level of Radioactive waste
Spent Fuel Storage Cask/Rack Criticality Analysis

Professional Experience

Adjunct Professor, University of Battambang, Cambodia (2008.8-2012.9)
Consultant, National Research Foundation (NRF), University of Battambang (2009.9-2010.8)
Researcher, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (2008.01-2008.6)
Principal Researcher, KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Company (1994.5-2007.2) 
Researcher, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (1987.3-1990.7)


Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, Purdue Univ. (1994.5)
M.S., Nuclear Engineering, KAIST. (1987.2)
B.S., Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National Univ. (1985.2)